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Frontier Propane Products

Frontier Propane offers propane services to the home, commercial and agricultural business sector.

• No installation charges for setting tank including 25 feet of line and trenching.  Extra footage billed at $4.00 per foot.

• Frontier Propane is a Non-Profit Cooperative.

• All tanks must be located within 100 feet of driveway for easy accessibility for filling.

• A budget plan is available and runs from July through June.

• A bill will be left at time of fill up and is due within 30 days, unless account is set up for "Payment Up Front".

• The homeowner must be present for tank installation so we can complete a GASCheck for leaks inside and outside the home and answer any questions you may have.

• Frontier Propane offers 24-hour emergency service.

• Frontier Propane can not fill or empty any other company's tank.

• Frontier Propane offers 120, 500 and 1,000 gallon sets.  It is at Frontier Propane's discretion to determine the appropriate sized tank for your usage.

• Small cylinder fills and OPD Valve replacements available at the Frontier Supply building next door to Frontier Power & Frontier Propane.